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Howard Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

One of the primary ways in which Howard Civil Engineering has made a name for itself throughout Southwest Florida is within the specialty of structural engineering. Our structural designers and engineers analyze the parameters of bridges, buildings, and other structures by systematically gauging lateral force resistance and gravity support.

Structural Engineering

Drawing on twenty years of experience, we are able to design structures that can provide stability and safety. By integrating that knowledge with an innovative, problem-solving focus, we help the structure stay strong under extreme weather conditions. Conscientiously taking into account the “gravity” and “lateral” loads mentioned above, our engineers consider these vertical (both dead and live loads) and horizontal forces. Approaching all projects with the skill and dedication you need to achieve your strategic goals, we design your structure so that it is resistant to all forms of pressure.

Foundation & Footing Design

Two related structural design tasks at which we excel are foundation design and footing design. In our capacity as a foundation design and engineering firm, we perform these responsibilities with care and skill to ensure that all force is transmitted evenly to the contact surface (so that all loads - dead, live, and wind - transfer seamlessly to the ground). We also control for settlement to protect against any damage that could occur over time.

A related concern of structural engineering firms is footing design. To design these foundational elements, Howard Civil Engineering assesses properties of the footing, the soil, the loading, and the structure, delivering results on time and under budget.


Composite Columns & Beams

In the United States, structural engineering companies standardly make use of steel-concrete composite material for horizontal structural systems; one recent study notes that this method was used for approximately 95% of current low-rise metal construction floor systems. Aligning ourselves with well-established industry practice, Howard Civil Engineering uses steel-concrete composite construction - resulting in columns and beams that provide better fire safety and axial load resistance.

Slab Design

We respect the fact that slab design is one of the trickiest elements of structural design and engineering - because these components must be strong enough to handle live loads. In meeting the expectations of our clients over the past two decades, Howard Civil Engineering has designed slabs that are built for extreme and moving live loads, as well as stationary live loads. A leader among structural engineering firms, we enhance safety by limiting the permissible extreme fiber stress and investigating for potential differential settlements. Having designed and permitted developments in almost every Southwest Florida municipality, we are slab designers known for our technical precision and innovative thinking.

Timber Frames

We have 20 years of practical knowledge of timber frames, along with a keen grasp of the research and standards. Through timber frame design and engineering, we specialize in joinery and structural practices so that the timber members of your frame are safely interconnected. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals has a far-reaching understanding of the nature of timber and what will be needed for support under a live load.


Our structural consultants, designers, engineers, and support staff at Howard Civil Engineering can inspect and certify your project while construction is underway. We begin with pre-inspection preparation, assess your site, and go through your records. Combining skill, dedication, and creativity, we organize our findings in diagrams and take photographs. If you want structural certification, our team of licensed engineers will apply our knowledge of the full range of standards in our overview of your site.

Don't Delay, Contact Us Today!

Don't Delay, Contact Us Today!

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