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Howard Civil Engineering

Stormwater Engineering

One of the main specialties for which Howard Civil Engineering has developed a reputation throughout the municipalities of Central Florida is stormwater engineering, also commonly called rainwater engineering. One of our greatest strengths is understanding the intricacies of rainwater passage, treatment, and storage. 

Stormwater Engineering

In this field, we practice our expertise via storm water management planning, drainage design, integrated site design, flood control, and hydraulic analysis.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of licensed engineers, designers, and support staff at Howard Civil Engineering is qualified to provide stormwater solutions – such as general stormwater management, system design, drainage planning, and pollution control consultation. Through our creative problem-solving and dedication to sustainability, we complete environmentally friendly design and high-quality engineering so that we can serve, with our clients, as a steward of Florida’s precious water supply.

Stormwater Modeling & Flood Studies

Two of the projects that are often requested of us at Howard Civil Engineering in the category of stormwater management or rainwater control are stormwater modeling and flood studies. Our modeling service leverages the knowledge ascertained from more than two decades in business to create detailed accounts of real-life scenarios. Using the complex perspective this allows, we build projects that balance the concerns and requirements of diverse stakeholders while maintaining full compliance with regulations, risk management protocols, and budgetary constraints. By combining hydraulic and hydrologic modeling applications with geospatial data, our rainwater engineers and other water resource management specialists construct models that range in size from complete watersheds to small sites.

Through the integrated 1D, 2D, and 3D stormwater modeling that we perform at Howard Civil Engineering, we are able to create a picture of circulation and flooding. In this manner, we detect and resolve potential problems ahead of time. We complete flood studies (technical reports on flood behavior) based on our investigative analysis of rainwater data and details of the floodplain. Through more than 20 years of stormwater management consultation and engineering related to hundreds of watersheds and development sites, we have completed projects in adherence with lower impact development (LID), sustainability, conservation, and grey to green conversion standards. Our work, which embraces and advocates smart growth principles, results in innovative planning and design solutions that inject value into developments.

  • Sustainability

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Sewer system load reduction

  • Passage and treatment of water

  • Upgrade in water quality

  • Reduction in the risk of erosion and flooding (see below section on Erosion Prevention)


Stormwater Inspection & Certification

Our stormwater and watershed designers, engineers, and support staff at Howard Civil Engineering can conduct inspections while active construction is occurring at your development, as well as after heavy rainfall. We complete pre-inspection preparation before entering the site and reviewing records. Acting with the dedication and skill that has given us such a strong reputation throughout the municipalities of Southwest Florida, we analyze best practices for rainwater management, inlets, and discharge points, completing diagrams and taking photographs. If you need a stormwater certification, we can provide dedicated analysis based on our two-decade knowledge of applicable industry standards.

Erosion Prevention

For more than two decades, Howard Civil Engineering has provided expertise in the area of erosion control or prevention. The refined knowledge and innovative ideation we use to approach every project allows us to stabilize steep slopes, stream banks, and shorelines where erosion might otherwise occur. To conduct this type of stormwater engineering and management project, we measure hydraulic behavior and peak water velocities. Then, we creatively problem-solve, projecting how the pace of erosion will be impacted by implementation of various engineering and design constructs.

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