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Howard Civil Engineering

Earthworks Engineering

Howard Civil Engineering's expertise with earthworks planning and design, involving the movement of large volumes of unformed rock and soil, is proven throughout Southwest Florida. We complete civil earthworks tasks conscientiously and systematically for our clients, such as surface stripping (to replace problematic areas); rubble infilling and spoil piling; and subgrade analysis (for quality control and to ensure regulatory compliance).

Earthwork Engineering

Our designers and engineers at Howard Civil Engineering have the skills to assess load-bearing capacity and manage the implementation of such features as ballasted columns, dynamic compaction, and vertical drainage. A two-decade blend of experience and innovation – demonstrated by the roads, railway beds, berms, causeways, and dams we design and plan – guides our civil earthworks duties; this dual strength informs our slope stabilization and land grading. 

Drainage is another key concern that we address throughout the stages of these projects.

The reliable, trustworthy, and fundamentally flexible approach embraced by our earthworks and earthmoving contractors leads to successful results, under budget, through every stage of the life of your project.

Cut and Fill Calculations

The cut and fill process is a somewhat mundane undertaking that engineers must complete before proceeding to construction, but Howard Civil Engineering knows how prudently and thoughtfully this first stage of a project must be approached. One example scenario is when we calculate cut and fill in preparation for a road. As your dedicated agent, our earthworks company plots the topography, generates contour maps, and geometrically designs the alignment according to design speed and other critical variables – creatively problem-solving while maintaining on-time delivery.

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