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Howard Civil Engineering

Water and Wastewater Engineering

Through our specialty as a water or wastewater engineer, Howard Civil Engineering manages projects that provide potable water distribution; sewage and wastewater disposal; and flooding damage prevention. We also create documents regarding water resource sustainability; compliance with standards and regulations; and data management.

Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems

One of our areas of focus is water supply distribution engineering, a branch of water engineering that addresses the design, component selection (pipes, treatment components, valves, meters, booster pumps, storage tanks, etc.), and implementation of water distribution systems. Shifting in parallel with the industry and society, Howard Civil Engineering’s expertise has become increasingly complex and sophisticated as the effects of water distribution on groundwater and surface water have become clarified (and as legislation has passed to conserve critical water resources).

While the water distribution management and engineering projects we complete are concerned with water provision, we also have expertise related to wastewater collection systems. Wastewater, which is created by a full spectrum of community members (industrial, commercial, residential, etc.), presents risks related to public health and sustainability. We can blend our more than two decades of experience with innovative problem-solving to deftly overcome any wastewater collection system challenges, such as infiltration, inflow, or capacity (due to low pressure or undersized gravity).

Pump Station Design

As a lift station or pump station design and engineering firm, we utilize our expertise in this field – ranging from pumping stations used for canals, drainage, and sewage removal. Via this branch of water engineering, Howard Civil Engineering is able to deliver what is needed to advance your pump station quickly and correctly. We can maintain full compliance throughout the United States and globally, but the bulk of our track record is in Southwest Florida, where we have worked with the design specifics and standards of almost every municipality. Throughout the life of your pump station design project, the creativity and comprehensive technical aptitude exhibited by our licensed designers, engineers, and support staff will lead to effective, on-time solutions.

Pressure Analysis

Another area for which we have built a strong reputation in Southwest Florida is pressure analysis, in which we understand and consider the pressure between infrastructural design and earth materials (key information for safe development). This aspect of our wastewater design and water engineering work provides a sense of the force within a system and, in turn, pinpoints the amount of risk that may exist – particularly when objects are touching or in motion. By combining innovation, computational fastidiousness, and more than 20 years of experience, Howard Civil Engineering can conduct pressure analysis that improves your safety and assesses the environment, rapidly and without disruption.

Wastewater Engineering

Informed by the more than two decades we’ve been in business in Southwest Florida, we complete pipeline design and hydraulic modeling. 


In completing our projects as water distribution and wastewater management engineers, we offer affordable and creative solutions that convey our extensive expertise. The management, treatment, and engineering solutions that we provide embrace water as the lifeblood of our civilization. With over twenty years of experience in this field, we are partnered with you as your dedicated agent from the beginning to the end, completing tasks on schedule for every stage throughout the life of your project.

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